Arora IAS 

“Where desire meets success”

“Arora IAS” is the name that has reached almost every home of India though excellence that we have created over last 4 years. Initiative that was started by Mr. Arora .( Nick Name is Gumnaam baba given by Aspirants) has now become a magnificent online Portal over 4 years that has strong reputation as Arora IAS where dreams of young minds are turned into reality and we are known to bring happiness to thousands of Civil Services Aspirants.

We have been doing exceedingly well in UPSC Exam and aspirants fulfilled their dreams, however, down the line somewhere we always felt their is need of doing something more and for society.

 “Arora IAS” where Dreams turn into Reality for students who aim to join the elite community, with a teaching experience of over 4 years, we have developed the expertise and methodologies, required to generate confidence among aspirants, We constantly update our methods of teaching by introducing new methods of expansions. This allows the students to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and methodologies to face the challenges posed in UPSC CSE Exam.

A dedicated family to make your dreams come true.  We at Arora IAS,  believe in the fairness of education..Rich or poor,  from big cities to remote villages wherever you are we are with you..

If you have the strong desire to be an IAS we will guide you to success.  Do your best and we will do the rest..


  • Achieving excellence both in academic and competitive aspects in student community by virtue of imparting qualitative education with consolidated strategy and scientific approach to produce proficient professionals.

  • To prepare the youth for most toughest exam In the India.

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