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1.UNESCO Designates 11 New Biosphere Reserves 

UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) designated 11 new Biosphere Reserves:

  • Locations: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Italy, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, Spain (first time for Belgium-Netherlands & Italy-Slovenia transboundary reserves)
  • New Biosphere Reserves:
    • Kempen-Broek (Belgium, Netherlands)
    • Darien Norte Chocoano (Colombia)
    • Madre de las Aguas (Dominican Republic)
    • Niumi (Gambia)
    • Colli Euganei (Italy)
    • Julian Alps (Italy, Slovenia)
    • Khar Us Lake (Mongolia)
    • Apayaos (Philippines)
    • Changnyeong (South Korea)
    • Val d’Aran (Spain)
    • Irati (Spain)

Biosphere Reserves:

  • Designated under UNESCO’s MAB Programme.
  • Launched in 1971, MAB aims for a balanced human-environment relationship.
  • Functions:
    • Conserve biodiversity & cultural diversity.
    • Promote sustainable economic development.
    • Provide logistical support for research, monitoring, education & training.
  • Zones:
    • Core Areas: Strictly protected for conservation.
    • Buffer Zones: Allow activities compatible with conservation.
    • Transition Areas: Promote sustainable human activities.


  • Has 18 biosphere reserves (12 under MAB program).
  • Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – India’s first.

Significance of Biosphere Reserves:

  • Scientific research & monitoring.
  • Support global development targets (Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework).
  • Promote sustainable development, biodiversity & combat climate change.


2.National Security Council (NSC)

  • Established: 1998
  • Apex body for national security issues (political, economic, energy, security)
  • Advises PM on national security policies.


  • Three tiers:
    • Strategic Policy Group: Long-term planning & policy formulation.
    • National Security Advisory Board (NSAB): Expert advice.
    • National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS): Coordinates NSC work.
  • Led by National Security Advisor (NSA) who advises the PM on security threats.
  • Located in PM’s executive office.
  • Deals with internal & external security, military affairs, defense etc.

Recent News: Restructuring of NSCS for improved efficiency and potentially stronger role for NSA in decision-making.


3.Lebanon-Israel ‘Blue Line’ Frontier


  • The UN voiced deep concern at the increase in the intensity of exchanges of fire across the Blue Line, which separates Lebanese and Israeli armed forces.


  • The Blue Line is a demarcation line dividing Lebanon from Israel and the Golan Heights. 
  • It was marked by the United Nations in 2000for the purposes of determining whether Israel had fully withdrawn from Lebanon.


4.Karnataka’s ‘Naavu Manujaru’ Programme

Target: Government, aided & private primary/high schools

Objective: Promote social harmony, tolerance & scientific temper.


  • 2 hours/week (3 periods of 40 mins each)
  • Discussions & dialogues on:
    • Social harmony
    • Local & national festivals
    • Folk games & sports
    • Social reformers’ thoughts
    • Visits to local landmarks
    • Nuclear families
    • Eliminating inequality
    • Constitutional values (equality, liberty, fraternity)

Expected Outcome: Transform schools into hubs for social values & responsible citizens.



5.Right to Repair Portal India

Launched by: Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA)


  • Empower consumers with repair information for various products (automobiles, durables, electronics, farm equipment).
  • Reduce e-waste by promoting repairs and reuse.
  • Align with government’s vision for a circular economy (minimizing waste and maximizing resource use).


  • Access to product manuals and repair videos.
  • Information on spare part prices and warranties.
  • Feedback mechanism for consumers.


  • Informed consumer decisions on purchase and maintenance.
  • Promotes environmentally friendly practices.

News: Government urging automobile companies to join the portal.

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