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1.International Criminal Court (ICC)

Feature Description
Purpose Prosecute individuals for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity
Established By Rome Statute (1998)
Jurisdiction Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Aggression
Complementarity Intervenes only when national courts are unable or unwilling to prosecute
Membership 124 Countries (as of May 2024)
Non-Members India, China, US, Russia, Israel etc.
Functioning Office of the Prosecutor, Judges (18, 9-year terms)
Difference from ICJ Focuses on individual criminal responsibility, ICC is independent of UN
Headquarters The Hague, Netherlands

Source :https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-global/expert-explains-icc-prosecutor-netanyahu-arrest-9343254/


Art and Culture

2.Ganga Jatara – A Folk Festival of Tirupati

Feature Description
Location Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Significance Celebrates Thathayagunta Gangamma, a folk goddess believed to be Lord Venkateswara’s younger sister
Duration Nine days
Practices Devotees dress up in various costumes and smear sandalwood, chalk, and charcoal powder all over their bodies.

Source :https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/andhra-pradesh/men-don-womens-attire-to-honour-gangamma-in-tirupatis-ganga-jatara/article68200319.ece



Science and Technology

3.Doppler Radar Speed Guns: Ensuring Accuracy on the Road

Why in News ?

  • The Consumer Affairs Ministry is proposing new regulations for microwave doppler radar equipment used for measuring vehicle speeds.


  • To guarantee the accuracy and reliability of speed measurements used as evidence in traffic violation cases.

Doppler Radar Technology:

  • Principle: Utilizes the Doppler effect, a shift in frequency of waves reflected from moving objects.
  • Function:
    • Emits radio waves.
    • Detects the Doppler shift in the reflected waves.
    • Calculates the object’s velocity based on the shift.
  • Applications:
    • Weather Monitoring: Measures movement of precipitation particles (rain, snow).
    • Traffic Enforcement: Tracks vehicle speeds for law enforcement.

Draft Regulations:

  • Mandate verification and official stamping for all newly installed equipment within one year of finalizing the rules. This ensures ongoing compliance and accuracy of speed measurement devices.


Source : https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/govt-mulls-new-rules-for-radar-speed-guns-seeks-public-comments/article68196165.ece#:~:text=The%20Consumer%20Affairs%20Ministry%20has,circular%20issued%20by%20the%20ministry.


Science and Technology

4.X-Chromosome Inactivation and Autoimmune Diseases

Why in News ?

  • Scientists discovered a molecular link between changes in X-chromosome inactivation and the development of autoimmune diseases.

X-Chromosome Basics:

  • One of two sex chromosomes (other is Y chromosome).
  • Humans have 23 chromosome pairs (22 autosomal + 1 sex chromosome pair).
  • Females: XX chromosomes (one from each parent).
  • Males: XY chromosomes (X from mother, Y from father).
  • X chromosome represents 5% of female DNA, 2.5% of male DNA.
  • X-Inactivation (Lyonization):
    • In females, one X chromosome is randomly inactivated in most cells (except egg cells).
    • Ensures only one functional X chromosome per cell.
    • Inactivation is random, so different X chromosomes are active in different cells.
  • X chromosome likely contains 900-1,400 genes.
  • Numerical disorders of the X chromosome can cause genetic issues (e.g., Klinefelter’s syndrome, Triple X syndrome, Turner syndrome).

Source : https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/science/x-chromosome-revival-in-older-women-ups-autoimmune-disease-risk/article68199496.ece



5.Naegleria Fowleri: The Brain-Eating Amoeba


Feature Description
Disease Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM)
Cause Naegleria fowleri, a free-living single-celled amoeba
Habitat Warm freshwater (lakes, rivers), poorly maintained pools, warm soil
Transmission Enters body through nose while swimming in contaminated water
Symptoms (Early) Headache, fever, nausea, vomiting
Symptoms (Later) Stiff neck, confusion, seizures, hallucinations, coma
Survival Rate Very low (most die within 1-18 days)
Treatment Combination of drugs (amphotericin B, azithromycin, etc.)
Non-Communicable Cannot be spread from person to person or by drinking contaminated water

Source : https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/everyday-explainers/naegleria-fowleri-brain-eating-amoeba-9342534/




6.Bharal and Himalayan Ibex: Census in Himachal Pradesh

Why in News ?

  • Wildlife authorities in Himachal Pradesh are conducting a survey to estimate the population of bharal (blue sheep) and Himalayan ibex, both important prey for the snow leopard.


  • Scientific Name: Pseudois nayaur
  • Habitat: High Himalayas (India, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan)
  • Description: Medium-sized caprid, slate grey coat with bluish shine, black and white markings on legs, horns curve upwards and outwards.
  • Size: 115-165 cm long, 69-91 cm tall at shoulder
  • Activity: Diurnal (active throughout the day)
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN)

Himalayan Ibex

  • Scientific Name: Capra sibirica hemalayanus
  • Subspecies of Siberian Ibex
  • Habitat: High-altitude Himalayas (3000-5800 meters) in India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal
  • Description: Stocky wild goat, light brown to reddish-brown coat with white belly, black and white leg markings, large curved horns with notches.
  • Size: Adults weigh 90 kg, stand 40 inches tall
  • Activity: Gregarious (live in small herds)
  • Conservation Status: Near Threatened (IUCN)

Source : https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/wildlife-biodiversity/census-exercise-begins-in-himachal-s-cold-desert-lahaul-spiti-district-to-estimate-blue-sheep-himalayan-ibex-96259



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