Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : The Skill Gap in India: Andhra Pradesh as a Case Study

 GS-2 Mains Exam : Governace

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Andhra Pradesh and the Skill Gap Crisis

  • Andhra Pradesh’s new CM, N Chandrababu Naidu, ordered a skill census to address skill gaps and improve employability.
  • The state faces a higher unemployment rate than the national average and many BIMARU states (Bihar, UP, MP, Rajasthan).
    • Overall unemployment: 4.1% vs national average of 3.2%.
    • Youth unemployment (15-29): 15.7% vs national average of 10%.
    • Graduate unemployment: 24% (higher than most BIMARU states).

What is the unemployability crisis?

  • It’s distinct from traditional unemployment. People struggle to find jobs due to a lack of relevant skills, not a shortage of jobs.

India’s Unemployability Challenge

  • The 2015 Skill Development Ministry report highlights the “dual challenge” of a skilled workforce shortage and unemployable educated youth.
  • The 2018 NCAER report terms it “India’s skilling paradox”: declining agricultural jobs, potential in manufacturing/services, but skill mismatch.

The Importance of the Skill Census

  • It’s a step towards addressing the unemployability crisis.
  • It will provide valuable data for course correction in the education system to better meet job market demands.


  • Andhra Pradesh’s skill census is a proactive measure other states can follow.
  • It has the potential to transform skill development and employment in India.




Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : India’s Rising Role at G7

 GS-2 Mains Exam : IR

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  • Opposition Criticism: Congress party criticizes PM Modi’s G7 visit as an image-boosting exercise (domestic politics).
  • Global Summits as Photo Ops: All summits are photo opportunities for leaders to showcase global reach (true for G7 as well).
  • PM Modi’s Stature: Third term win strengthens Modi’s image among Western leaders.

G7 leaders face domestic challenges:

      • US: Biden faces potential re-election loss to Trump.
      • Canada: Trudeau’s popularity is low, re-election uncertain.
      • UK: Sunak likely to lose upcoming general election.
      • Europe: Macron and Scholz face resurgent right-wing parties.
      • Japan: PM Kishida has low approval ratings due to scandals.
    • Exception: Italy’s new PM Meloni is a rising star (G7 seen as “Meloni and six lame ducks”).

India’s Growing Importance:

  • Criticisms of India’s G7 presence ignore key realities:
    • Shifting West: North America and Europe face internal divisions and weakening positions.
    • India’s Rise: Strong economic growth and strategic role as a “swing state” elevate India’s global standing.
      • India’s GDP projected to surpass Japan’s (2025) and Germany’s (few years later).

India as a Counterweight to China:

    • Geopolitical tensions with China, restructuring global economy, and US-Europe’s need to reconnect with the Global South create an opportunity for India-West cooperation.
  • India’s Future Leverage: Political class and policymakers must define India’s strategic partnership with the West to maximize national prosperity.



  • India’s G7 participation reflects its growing importance. Economic might and strategic position make India a key player in countering China and reshaping the global order. This evolving relationship with the West offers India a chance to leverage its position for national gain and increased global influence.


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