Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : Bharat’s Way in the World

 GS-2 Mains Exam : IR

Revision Notes

Question : Discuss the significance of Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with G7 leaders in the context of India’s potential for global leadership. How is the West’s perception of India changing in the current geopolitical landscape?


  • PM Modi’s meeting with G7 leaders highlights India’s potential for global leadership.
  • The West seems to be looking towards India for solutions in a fractured world.

Eastward Focus:

  • The West views China as a threat and India as a potential partner.
  • India is seen as a “vishwa mitra” (global friend), “vishwa bandhu” (global family), “vishwa guru” (global teacher), and “vishwa rakshak” (global protector).

India’s Leadership Potential:

  • High expectations are placed on India to address global challenges.
  • India needs to act with “alacrity, audacity, and flexibility” to meet these expectations.
  • Leverage ancient wisdom to navigate an uncertain world.

Acting with Alacrity and Flexibility:

  • India needs to be a quick, bold, and adaptable player on the global stage.
  • Emphasize and utilize the wisdom from India’s ancient texts and traditions.

Case Study: Gaza Initiative:

  • NSA Ajit Doval proposed a ceasefire during Ramadan to Israel’s PM Netanyahu.
  • The proposal showed promise but ultimately failed due to trust issues.

India’s Diplomatic Interventions:

  • Strengthening ties with leaders of Saudi Arabia and UAE.
  • Facilitating ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan.
  • Attempting to organize a meeting between Putin and Zelensky.
  • India’s strategic autonomy and innovative ideas are gaining traction globally.

Role of Modi 3.0:

  • Success depends on using non-Western ideas and homegrown talent.
  • Traditional bureaucracy and think tanks are inadequate for new ideas.
  • Modi 3.0 should tap into scholars with knowledge of “shrutis,” “smritis,” and other ancient texts.

Importance of Regional Stability:

  • Historically, great powers secured influence in their neighborhoods (Roman Empire, US, Mauryan Empire).
  • India’s rise requires addressing challenges and opportunities in its neighborhood, especially with Pakistan.

The China Challenge:

  • China’s rise is a significant challenge to the international system.
  • India must:
    • Enhance domestic capabilities.
    • Mobilize regional and international partners.
    • Establish itself as a “mobiliser” to address China’s challenge across regions.


  • The West views India with hope as a potential solution to global problems posed by China.




Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : Key Points of Upcoming Union Budget

 GS-2 Mains Exam : IR

Revision Notes



Economic Backdrop:

  • Presented by Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister (First budget of new government)
  • To address subdued private sector investment and household consumption

Focus Areas:

  • Rationalizing Tax Structure:
    • Aim to boost household consumption and private capex.
    • Focus on tinkering with tax rates for lower income segments.
  • Comprehensive Tax System Review:
    • Examining Capital Gains Tax regime:
      • Varying tax rates and holding periods across asset classes.
      • Explore aligning rates for different asset classes.
    • Examining Goods and Services Tax (GST):
      • GST Council to decide on rate rationalization (merging tax slabs).
      • Potential inclusion of petroleum products under GST (requires state government consensus).
      • Next GST Council meeting on June 22nd, 2024.

Government’s Efforts on Taxation:

  • Increasing Tax Base:
    • Number of taxpayers (individuals and companies) increased from 5.26 crore (2013-14) to 9.37 crore (2022-23).
    • Number of active GST taxpayers rose from 1.12 crore (June 2018) to 1.4 crore (June 2023).
  • Reducing Tax Burden:
    • Corporate tax rate lowered to 22% in 2019.
    • New simplified income tax regime introduced in 2020 (forgoing deductions and exemptions).
    • Proposed withdrawal of petty tax demands in the recent interim budget (benefiting 1 crore taxpayers).
  • Easing Tax Compliance:
    • Various government initiatives have simplified tax filing procedures.


  • Government’s focus on tax base expansion, reducing burden, and simplifying compliance shows progress.
  • Continued efforts on these aspects are crucial for fostering sustained economic growth.

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