1. India’s Position Shift on Taliban

The issue in news

Recently, A shift was seen in India’s position on engaging with the Taliban.  As India  participated in the commencement ceremony of Intra-Afghan talks between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar.

Main points

India’s Stand:

  • India focuses on the peace process which is Afghan-led in every aspect.  
  • the national, territorial sovereignty and integrity of AFGHANISTHAN has to be respected .
  • preservation of the interests of minorities, women and vulnerable sections of society must be kept in view

India’s Interests in Afghanistan:

  • India has invested in development projects in Afghanistan like:  the Afghan Parliament, the Zaranj-Delaram Highway, Afghanistan-India Friendship Dam (Salma Dam) among others.

Issues Involved:

  • India is concerned about the Taliban’s links with Pakistan’s ISI . the India Afghanistan policy continues to be assessed through

Way Forward

  • Re-evaluation of the decisions made by India based on unidirectional in its approach to deal with all forces that are central to the future of Afghanistan.


  1. USA-Maldives Framework on Defense and Security Relationship

The issue in news

USA and the Maldives Recently signed  a Framework on Defense and Security Relationship


Main points

  • Maintenance of peace and security in the Indian Ocean is the main focus of this framework.
  • both USA and Maldives agreed promotes the security and prosperity of all nations in the region by reiterating their commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific a range of bilateral activities are outlined in the framework like senior-level dialogues, engagements etc.

Significance for India

  • India has not officially responded to the announcement of the framework
  • This announcement can act as a signal to China. India has taken steps towards strengthening its strategic presence in both the IOR and Indo-Pacific.
  • Track 1.5 dialogue between India, France and Australia to identify
  • security challenges and sustainability issues in the Indo Pacific, Malabar Exercise and The Quad is also part of this process.

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