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Topic : India’s Stance at the Ukraine Peace Summit
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India’s Participation:

  • Led by Pavan Kapoor, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Emphasized balanced and mutually agreeable resolutions for lasting peace.
  • Did not sign the final joint communique.

Global Participation:

  • Around 100 delegations, including 57 heads of state and government.
  • 80 countries and 4 European institutions signed the final document.
  • Other non-signing countries: Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Armenia, Libya, Indonesia, Bahrain, Colombia, UAE.

India’s Consistent Call for Peace:

  • Prime Minister reiterated commitment to peaceful resolution at G7 Summit.
  • Emphasized dialogue and diplomacy.
  • Abstained from UNGA resolution on Ukraine, citing lack of elements for sustainable peace.

India’s Focus on Dialogue and Diplomacy:

  • Believes solutions shouldn’t come at the cost of human lives.
  • Supports collective efforts for peaceful resolution.

The Broader Summit Context:

  • Hosted by Switzerland (Bürgenstock summit).
  • Focused on nuclear safety, food security, and humanitarian aspects.
  • 83 signatories to the joint communique reflecting a desire for peace.
  • President Amherd of Switzerland commended the communique as a strong signal for peace.

Switzerland’s Role and Future Steps:

  • First time hosting a summit of this scale.
  • President Amherd and Federal Councillor Cassis praised cooperation with participants.
  • Swiss authorities played a key role in organization and security.


  • India’s decision reflects its commitment to dialogue and diplomacy for conflict resolution.
  • Aims to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful resolution through engagement with all stakeholders.
  • India’s stance aligns with its foreign policy principles: human-centric solutions and avoiding escalation.
  • Highlights the importance of inclusive and balanced resolutions for lasting peace in Ukraine.

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