(23/08/2019) The Hindu Newspaper Self Study Analysis ( Highlighted The Hindu Notes for PT and Mains) 

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Prelims News Topic for Today


( note- today we found it that  lots of important news can be ask in UPSC Prelims) 

  1. Lidder Valley, Zoji La
  2. Baltal wildlife Sanctuary
  3. temple of Brihadeeswara
  4. epithelial cells
  5. concept of big data and its features
  6. Russia launches rocket with humanoid robot into space
  7. World Health Organization (WHO
  8. ‘Tax holiday on start-up
  9. How Rupee fall?
  10. Trends analysis on amazon forest
  11. Mapping of south America
  12. India­U.S. 2+2 
  13. FATF &  APG ( and concept of greylisted)
  14. BRI, 
  15. Concept of globalisation 2.0 
  16. Oxytocin
  17. World Bank, ADB
  18. Chandrashekhar Azad
  19. Concept of Incremental Capital Output Ratio (ICOR) + Concept of  Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) + Concept of  Gross Domestic Savings Rate + concept of crowding out
  20. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM) Act. 


additional topic for prelims 

Types of mask

  • Types of mask Mukh mukha (face mask): Used on the face along with appropriate costume to match the specifications of the character. Examples are Bali, Sugreev , Garuda , Jatayu, etc.
  • Lotokori mukha (middle mask): This mask has a face part and a body part. A part of the actor’s body is covered while he can use his hands and feet easily. Examples are Marich, Subaru, Taraka, etc
  • Bar mukha or Cho mukha (big mask): This mask is also called big mask as it covers the human body. Cho refers to hiding the natural body of an actor completely, from his head to feet . Examples are Ravana, Narasimha, etc

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