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Topic : Inter-Services Organisations (ISOs) (Command, Control, and Discipline) Act

GS-3 Mains : Defence

Revision Notes

What is it?

  • Law to improve command, control, and efficiency of Inter-Services Organisations (ISOs) in India.
  • Notified for enforcement on May 10, 2024.


  • Passed by Parliament in 2023 to address challenges in coordinating personnel from different branches of the military.

What are ISO

  • Organisations with personnel from Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Examples: National Defence Academy (NDA), Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC).

Key Provisions:

  • Central Government control: Can establish ISOs with personnel from at least two of the three services.
  • Command & Control: Commander-in-Chief (Army General, Navy Admiral, Air Force Air Officer) oversees discipline and duty fulfillment.
  • Commanding Officer: Manages a unit, ship, or establishment within the ISO. Initiates disciplinary or administrative actions.

Why is this needed?

  • Supports theaterisation: Military reform for efficient resource allocation in future wars.
  • Addresses limitations of current system:
    • Separate laws (Army Act, Navy Act, Air Force Act) for each service.
    • Only officers from the same service can take disciplinary actions.
    • Delays and costs associated with moving personnel for proceedings.


  • Empowers ISO heads for faster case resolution and avoids redundant proceedings.
  • Promotes better integration and collaboration among armed forces.
  • Crucial for safeguarding national security in a complex world.

Source :  https://pib.gov.in/PressReleaseIframePage.aspx?PRID=2020222

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