India’s Booming Gaming Sector

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Question : Analyze the potential impact of the gaming sector on India’s economy and the measures required to sustain its growth.


  • India Gaming Report 2024 highlights the sector’s potential.

Major Findings:

  • Market Size: Expected to reach USD 6 billion by 2028.
  • Mobile Dominance: 90% of the market, compared to 37% (US) and 62% (China).
  • Young Demographics: Nearly 50% of gamers are aged 18-30.
  • Job Market Boom: 50,000-60,000 new jobs in development, programming, testing, etc.

Sector Highlights:

  • World’s Largest Mobile Gaming Market (by downloads).
  • Projected Growth: 20% by FY25, reaching INR 231 billion.
  • Investment Boom: $2.8 billion raised by Indian gaming companies in the last 5 years.
  • Gaming Unicorns: 3 Indian companies (Dream11, Mobile Premier League, Game24x7) have achieved unicorn status.
  • Potential Impact: AI and online gaming could add $300 billion to India’s GDP by 2026-27.

Government Initiatives:

  • Digital Gaming Research Initiative: Supports research & development in learning, leisure gaming, and immersive games reflecting Indian culture.
  • AVGC Promotion Task Force: Promotes Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics industries to leverage “Make in India” and “Brand India” initiatives.

Regulation of the Industry:

  • Current Scenario: No uniform federal law for online skill gaming.
  • Existing Laws: Public Gambling Act (1867) and Prize Competitions Act (1955) with variations by state.
  • Recent Development: MeitY designated as the nodal ministry for online gaming, providing much-needed legitimacy.
  • Upcoming Regulations: Draft regulations for online gaming intermediaries and a public consultation process.

Road Ahead:

  • Growth Drivers: Increased internet usage, smartphone penetration, and rapid digitalization.
  • E-sports, console gaming, mobile gaming, and game development all show promising growth.
  • Advanced gaming experiences expected to propel the industry to new heights.


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