Junoon 2021 

DAY-3 : Challenge

English & Hindi Medium



Challenge for Fresher’s or Experienced Aspirants

 Time Targets : those having 8 to 10 Hours Daily for Study

 Note- u need to focus on Quality Not Quantity


Shift -1 Polity Laxmikant book : Chapter 9 to 13

u need to finish laxmikant book


Shift-2 : Geography ( New one)

Class – 7 for 2 days

Today is ur 2nd day

try to finish geography class 6 book


Shift-3 : Spectrum Modern History

u need to read Chapter 14 to 16   from original book 


Shift-4 : Take Rest


Challenge for Working /Housewife /part timers Aspirants

Those having 4 to 5 hours in a day  for Study


Shift -1 polity Chapter 7& 8



Shift-2 Spectrum ch-13 & 14




Shift -3 : Take rest


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