Yojana Summary

May 2024

Topic-2: Sustainable Practices in Indian Weaving

Question : Discuss the eco-friendliness of traditional weaving techniques in India, emphasizing the use of natural fibers and their impact on minimizing environmental degradation. How do these techniques support local communities and biodiversity while promoting sustainability in the textile industry?

Eco-Friendliness of Traditional Techniques:

  • Indian weaves utilize natural fibers (cotton, silk, jute, wool) sourced locally.
  • Biodegradable and renewable fibers minimize environmental impact unlike synthetic alternatives.
  • Support local communities and biodiversity.

Sustainable Livelihoods:

  • Traditional weaving employs millions of artisans, particularly in rural areas.
  • Investing in sustainable fashion with Indian weaves preserves crafts and supports artisans.

The Cotton Corporation of India (CCI):

  • Crucial player in ensuring sustainable cotton farming and weaving.
  • Minimum Support Price operations safeguard cotton farmers’ economic interests.
  • Promotes sustainability through Indian weaves, aligning with global trends.
  • International presence in cotton production and textile centers.

Challenges to Indian Weaves:

  • Competition: Cheaper, mass-produced textiles threaten traditional weaves.
  • Infrastructure: Lack of reliable power, transportation, and modern equipment hinders productivity.
  • Declining Interest: Younger generations show less interest in traditional weaving.
  • Economic Viability: Low wages and inconsistent income make it difficult to sustain livelihoods and modernize practices.
  • Market Access: Limited access to domestic and international markets restricts growth and profitability.
  • Sustainability Concerns: Water usage, chemical pollution, and unsustainable farming practices require eco-friendly solutions.

‘Kasturi Cotton Bharat’ Initiative:

  • Pioneering approach to transparency in the cotton textile industry using blockchain technology.
  • Elevates the value of Indian cotton by integrating traditional craftsmanship with luxury elements.
  • Promotes India’s rich textile heritage.


  • CCI’s initiatives offer hope for a sustainable future by blending tradition, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Preserving India’s weaving heritage and supporting local artisans sets a precedent for a brighter future.
  • Partnerships and campaigns showcase the transformative potential of sustainable Indian craftsmanship.


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