Science & Technology

1.Sweden Joins Artemis Accords 

About Artemis Accords:

  • Set of principles for international cooperation in space exploration.
  • Not legally binding.
  • Announced by NASA in 2020 (named after Artemis moon program).
  • Mirrors principles of 1967 Outer Space Treaty.
  • 39 members including India (joined 2023), US, Japan, Australia etc.
  • Russia and China are not part of it.

Key Principles:

  • Peaceful space exploration.
  • Transparency in activities and sharing scientific data.
  • Interoperability of systems for collaboration.
  • Emergency assistance to astronauts in distress.
  • Registration of space objects.
  • Preserving space heritage (landing sites, artifacts etc.).
  • Utilizing space resources for sustainable exploration.
  • Avoiding harmful interference and establishing safety zones.
  • Mitigating orbital debris.

Activities under Artemis Program:

  • Artemis-I (2022): Uncrewed test flight of Orion spacecraft and SLS launch vehicle.
  • Artemis-II: Crewed mission with astronauts orbiting Earth.
  • Artemis-III: Landing of 4 astronauts on Moon for lunar exploration.

Significance for India:

  • Collaboration with NASA: Training for ISRO astronauts and potential joint missions.
  • Global Space Power Status: Open sharing of data and international cooperation.
  • Technology Transfer: Potential easing of restrictions between US and India.
  • Dedication to Space Cooperation: Sharing knowledge and expertise for space exploration.
  • International Market Access: Opportunities for Indian companies with other signatories.

2.Exoskeleton (Phoenix)

  • A robotic exoskeleton designed for paraplegics to walk at a lower price point. It focuses on basic walking functionality with motors at the hip joints.


3.Vasuki Indicus: Giant Extinct Snake

  • IIT Roorkee researchers discovered fossils of Vasuki Indicus, a massive snake (10-15 meters) from 47 million years ago (Middle Eocene).
  • Named after the mythical snake associated with Lord Shiva.
  • Similar in size to Titanoboa, the largest known snake.
  • Likely constricted prey like modern pythons and anacondas.

International Relations

4.Hainan Free Trade Port (China)

  • Construction of this ambitious project to create China’s most open economic region on a 35,000 sq km island is gaining momentum. The aim is to establish a “tropical Dubai” by 2035.


5.National Security Guard (NSG)

  • Senior IPS officer Nalin Prabhat appointed as Director-General. Formed in 1986 after Operation Blue Star, the NSG is an elite counter-terrorism force under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Its motto is “Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha” (meaning “Unparalleled Security Everywhere”).

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