Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : Roti Dal Sabzi

 GS-3  Mains Exam :  Economy

Revision Notes


Economic Concerns & 2024 Election

  • Berozgaari (unemployment) and Mehengai (inflation) emerged as key election issues.
  • Inflation, historically blamed on governments, might have had a bigger impact on voters.

Inflation Scenario (Preceding 2019 & 2024 Elections)

  • Pre-2019: Low inflation (average 3.3% CPI, 0.03% food) likely aided Modi’s re-election.
  • Pre-2024: High inflation (average 5.37% CPI, 7.88% food) with significant rise in staples (roti-dal-sabzi).

Government’s Measures & Challenges

  • Measures: Import duty relaxations, export bans/restrictions, stocking limits.
  • Challenges: Below-par agricultural production (2023-24), supply disruptions (Covid, war).

New Government’s Priorities

  • Inflation control: Continued/extended duty relaxations on food imports.
  • RBI’s role: Maintaining interest rates till inflation expectations stabilize.
  • Monsoon’s impact: A good monsoon (predicted) could lead to a bountiful harvest.


  • Food inflation likely played a role in the election outcome.
  • Taming inflation remains a significant challenge for the new government.


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