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Topic : India-Maldives Relations: Twin Pillars under Strain

GS-3 Mains : Economy

Revision Notes

Context: Strained relations due to recent Maldivian actions.

Significance of Maldives for India:

  • Strategic Location: Near crucial trade routes and acts as a counterbalance to China.
  • Economic Partnership: Largest investor and tourist source for Maldives.
  • Defense and Security Cooperation: Trains 70% of Maldivian defense personnel.

Significance of India for Maldives:

  • Essential Supplies: Provides rice, medicine, and other necessities.
  • Education: Many Maldivian students study in India.
  • Economic Dependence: India is Maldives’ 2nd largest trade partner.
  • Disaster Relief: Provided critical assistance during natural disasters and the pandemic.

Twin Pillars:

  • Mutual Interests: Trade, security, regional stability.
  • Reciprocal Sensitivity: Respecting each other’s concerns.

Challenges in India-Maldives Relations

  • Domestic Turmoil in Maldives: Political instability hinders long-term cooperation.
  • Chinese Influence:
    • Growing economic presence through infrastructure projects.
    • Debt-trap diplomacy a concern for India’s strategic interests.
    • Potential Chinese military presence with Maldivian support.
  • Trade Imbalance: India exports heavily to Maldives, creating potential resentment.

Way Ahead:

  • India needs to acknowledge and address current issues.
  • Both nations share regional interests and can build a stronger, mutually beneficial partnership.

Source : https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/reciprocal-sensitivity-mutual-interests-two-key-pillars-of-india-maldives-ties-jaishankar/article68158129.ece#:~:text=In%20such%20times%

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