1. Ayurveda Day

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Ayurveda Day 2020 falls on November 13.

About Ayurveda Day:

  • The Ayurveda Day is being observed every year from 2016, on the day of Dhanwantri Jayanti.
  • The theme for this year’s Ayurveda day is “Ayurveda for Covid-19”.

The objective of Ayurveda Day are:

  • To focus on the strengths of Ayurveda and its unique treatment principles.
  • To work towards reducing the burden of disease and related mortality by utilising the potential of Ayurveda.
  • To tap into the potential of Ayurveda to contribute towards the National Health Policy and national health programmes.
  • To promote Ayurvedic principles of healing in society.
  • According to tradition, Ayurveda was revealed by Dhanvantari (also spelled Dhanwantri), the Hindu god of medicine.


  1. Mahila Kisan Diwas

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15th October is observed as Mahila Kisan Diwas.

About Mahila Kisan Diwas:

  • The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare set aside this day to empower women in the field of agriculture.
  • The UN also observes 15th October as the ‘International Day of Rural Women’.
  • The main objective of celebrating this day is to create awareness and to encourage women farmers to take up different income generation activities in agriculture and allied sectors to enhance the economy of the nation.


  1. 78th EME Corps Day

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The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers celebrated its 78th Corps Day on 15 Oct 2020.

About EME Corps:

  • The Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Corps is responsible for providing integrated engineering support to the entire range of equipment and weapon systems of the Indian Army during the complete life cycle from design to discard thus enhancing the Army’s combat potential by exploiting the power of technology and innovation.
  • The Corps has varying responsibilities related to the design, development, trial, inspection and refit of weapon systems and equipment.
  • They also provide technical advice to units and conduct recovery operations in peace and war.
  • The Corps also provides aid to civil authorities in emergencies or natural calamities.
  • It was formed in 1943 and is headquartered in Secunderabad, Telangana.
  • Its motto is ‘Karm Hi Dharm’.


  1. Zozila Tunnel

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Work begins on the Zozila Tunnel.

About Zozila Tunnel:

  • The tunnel will provide all-weather connectivity between Srinagar Valley and Leh (Ladakh plateau) on NH-1.
  • It will bring about an all-round economic and socio-cultural integration of Jammu & Kashmir (Now UTs of J&K and Ladakh).
  • It involves the construction of a 14.15 Km long tunnel at an altitude of about 3000 m under Zojila pass (presently motorable only for 6 months in a year) on NH-1 connecting Srinagar and Leh through Dras & Kargil.
  • It is one of the most dangerous stretches in the world to drive a vehicle & this project is also geo-strategically sensitive.
  • This Project will make the travel on the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh Section of NH-1 free from avalanches.
  • It would enhance the safety of the travelers crossing Zozila Pass and would reduce the travel time from more than 3 hours to 15 minutes.
  • It will also be of great importance to the defence of the country, in view of the massive military activities taking place along our borders in Ladakh, Gilgit and Baltistan regions.
  • Once completed, it will be the longest tunnel road in Asia.


  1. SCALE India Android App

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Leather Sector Skill Council launches SCALE India Android App for Enhanced Quality Assurance under Skill India Mission.

About the SCALE India Android App:

  • The Skill Certification Assessment for Leather Employees (SCALE) India android app will cater to the needs of all the stakeholders of the skilling and employment ecosystem namely –candidate/trainee, employer, employee, assessor and trainer – all at one place.
  • The services are accessible through the web and android application that virtually works on any smart handheld device, desktop/laptop, smartphones, tablets or phablets.
  • Apart from providing end to end quality assurance across training, assessment, and certification services, the app will also help employers engage with other stakeholders seamlessly and provide a marketplace for human capital for the leather industry.
  • SCALE will help candidates in the skilling ecosystem to get assessed and certified on their knowledge, skills and behaviour on a specific qualification pack.
  • It also enables access to micro-learning modules for bridging the skill gaps that are identified and can be re-assessed and certified at the end of the learning on the specific qualification pack.
  • It further assists the candidate to become a productive resource who is readily employable in the industry.
  • The candidates can search for employment opportunities and connect with employers post completion of their certification.
  • The assessments are currently available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali, with plans to add more regional languages in a phased manner.
  • From an employer standpoint, the platform will serve as a job portal with access to a certified talent pool of candidates to hire from, leading to an increase in productivity and profitability.
  • The platform will also help trainers get complete access to all the learning and training resources required for effective delivery of standardised training for batches on schedule.


Leather Sector Skill Council (LSSC):

  • The LSSC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to meet the demand for a skilled workforce in the leather industry in India.
  • LSSC was set up in 2012 as one of the key sector skill councils approved by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).
  • It caters to the training and employment needs of various sub-sectors in the leather industry such as finished leather, footwear, garments, leather goods, accessories, saddlery and harness sectors.



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Union Education Minister launched the ‘KAPILA’ (Kalam Program for Intellectual Property Literacy and Awareness) campaign on the 89th birth anniversary of former President and Scientist Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


Main points

  • Under this campaign, students pursuing education in higher educational institutions will get information about the correct system of application process for patenting their invention and they will be aware of their rights.
  • The Institution Innovation Council (IIC 2.0) annual report was also presented on the occasion and the launch of IIC 3.0 was announced. It has also been decided to celebrate the week of October 15th to 23rd as ‘Intellectual Property Literacy Week’. The IIC 3.0 website was also launched.

Important Info :

  • The Institution Innovation Council was established by the Ministry of Education in 2018. So far, IICs have been established in about 1700 higher educational institutions. IIC will be established in 5000 higher educational institutions under IIC 3.0.

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