Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : Challenges and Next Steps in Indian Agriculture (Amrit Kaal)

 GS-3 Mains Exam : Economy

Revision Notes

India’s Agriculture Sector

  • Decades of outdated methods and lack of farmer support create hurdles.
  • External factors add to the challenge.

External Challenges (Beyond India’s Control):

  1. Erratic Climate Events: Climate change disrupts crop production and livelihoods.
  2. WTO Rulings: Unfavorable WTO rulings may hurt Indian agriculture.
  3. Land Fragmentation: Small landholdings limit farmer income potential.
  4. Global Push for Low Food Prices: This approach makes farming unsustainable.
  5. Depleting Aquifers: Unsustainable water use for agriculture threatens food security and drinking water supplies.

Internal Challenges (Manageable by Policymakers):

  1. Underinvestment in Research & Extension: Low investment in these areas hurts productivity.
  2. Unfair Markets: Unintended consequences of market interventions need solutions.
  3. State Dissonance: State policies often conflict with national goals.
  4. Distorted Pricing: Free/cheap cereals through PDS depress farm-gate prices.
  5. Inefficient Subsidies: Fertilizer subsidies encourage overuse, harming health and environment.
  6. Fiscal Constraints: High public debt limits long-term planning and subsidies.
  7. State Bankruptcy Risks: Potential state bankruptcies complicate financial planning.
  8. Inept Governance: Lack of accountability and outdated mindsets hinder progress.

Conclusion: Urgent Action Needed

  • Fundamental changes in policymaking are crucial to avoid a future food crisis.



Indian Express Editorial Summary

Editorial Topic : Mission Karmayogi- Transforming India’s Civil Service for a Developed Future

 GS-2 Mains Exam : Polity and Governance

Revision Notes



  • To achieve Vikasit Bharat (Developed India) by 2047

Key Initiatives

  • Mission Karmayogi: Launched by PM Modi to develop citizen-centric, future-ready civil servants.
  • Capacity Building Commission (CBC): Established in 2021 to provide policy guidance and training tools.

Challenges Addressed

  • Infrastructure Delays: PM Gati Shakti platform introduced for faster project execution through inter-ministerial coordination.

CBC’s Impact

  • Training & Skill Development:
    • Over 24,000 officials trained in PM Gati Shakti modules.
    • Over 3,88,000 personnel certified in emerging technologies.
    • Collaboration with national and international institutions for specialized courses.
  • Infrastructure Development:
    • Increase in daily railway line construction from 4 km to 12 km.
    • 15 highway projects expedited using PM Gati Shakti.
    • Improved environmental planning for infrastructure projects.
  • Citizen-Centric Service Delivery:
    • Training for police personnel in “sewa bhaav” (service mentality).
    • 1,00,000 railway staff trained in customer service (improved satisfaction).
    • Training for Gramin Dak Sevaks, village-level CSCs, and tax personnel.
    • Capacity building pilot program in 6 cities for municipal governance.
  • Ongoing Learning Culture:
    • Over 15 lakh online learning modules completed by officials.
    • Improved proficiency in data analytics and e-governance tools.

Future Outlook

  • Continuous implementation by 90 departments and 2,700 attached agencies.


  • Mission Karmayogi, with its focus on capacity building, is a crucial step towards achieving Vikasit Bharat.


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