Indian Express Editorial Summary

Topic-1 Indian Economy: Cautious Optimism 

GS-3 : Economy

Revision Notes

Note: (While there may not be direct questions from today’s editorials, it’s essential to glean valuable points for your notes)

Growth Projections

  • National Statistical Office: 7.6% for 2023-24
  • IMF: 6.8% for 2024-25 (up from 6.5%)
  • RBI: 7% for 2024-25
  • Asian Development Bank: 7% for 2024-25
  • World Bank: 6.6% for 2024-25 (South Asia Development update)
  • Rating agencies:
    • Crisil – 6.8%
    • ICRA – 6.5%

Reasons for Optimism

  • Above-Normal Monsoon Expected (IMD):
    • 60% chance of La Nina conditions (NOAA)
    • Positive for food production and rural demand
  • Pick-up in Private Investments:
    • Rising capacity utilization rates
    • Healthy bank and corporate balance sheets (Nomura report)
      • Bank Non-Performing Loans (NPLs): 3.2% (Sept 2023)
      • Corporate debt-to-equity ratio: 0.85 (2022-23) vs 1.16 (2014-15)
  • Government Capex Push (long-term driver)


  • Job Creation: Need for more productive employment opportunities (millions entering workforce annually)
  • Fiscal Consolidation: Government debt needs to be brought down


  • Indian economy likely to remain the fastest growing large economy globally (6.5-7% GDP growth range).
  • Momentum expected to continue, but job creation and fiscal consolidation remain concerns.


Indian Express Editorial Summary

Revision Notes

The New Productive Force: Challenges and Opportunities for India 

GS-2 or GS-3 : IR or Economy

Revision Notes

Note: (While there may not be direct questions from today’s editorials, it’s essential to glean valuable points for your notes)

Global Focus on Technological Advancement

  • China’s Deep Tech Push:
    • Aims to surpass the US in science and technology.
    • Focus on areas like electric vehicles, space exploration, and artificial intelligence (AI).
    • Seeks to transition from “cheap manufacturing” to technological leadership.
  • The West Responds:
    • US – Regaining leadership in advanced technology sectors.
      • Bipartisan legislation for infrastructure, chips, and inflation reduction.
      • Limiting support for Chinese tech development.
      • Building technology coalitions (Quad, Chip-4 alliance, iCET with India).
    • Europe – Reclaiming a major spot in global technological power.

India’s Stance on Technology

  • Science and technology as a key part of India’s development strategy.
  • PM Modi’s Initiatives:
    • Leveraging digital technologies for service delivery.
    • Investing in renewable energy.
    • Reviving domestic semiconductor production.
    • Accelerating AI capabilities.
    • Technology as a key element in foreign policy partnerships.
  • BJP Manifesto Promises:
    • Become a leading space power.
    • Strengthen national R&D infrastructure.
    • Establish a research fund.
    • Launch a new mission for quantum computing.

Challenges for India

  • Overhaul of technology departments.
  • Significantly increase R&D expenditure.
  • Encourage private sector participation in research, development, and production of modern technologies.


  • Modernizing India’s technological foundation is critical for global competitiveness.
  • The next government must prioritize becoming a part of the global map of “new and high-quality forces of production.”


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