Public Administration Optional Question Paper-1 (1996)

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 290 words each:
    1. The scope of Public Administration is ever expanding.
    2. Although the theory of V A Graicunas is admittedly crude, it is useful as reference against which variations between organizations as well as within organizations can be examined.
    3. In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.
    4. Bureaucracy is a system of government the control of which is so completely in the hands of officials that their power jeopardizes the liberties of ordinary citizens.
  2. It is said that the generalist rationale was part of a revealed truth. All of us should have known better, for in a world of increasing scientific and technical complexity, it has compelling inadequacies Discuss.
  3. Answer the following questions
    1. Show how Barnard while analyzing the multiplicity of satisfactions, clearly identifies four specific inducements.
    2. Examine the view that systems theory, despite its promises to the contrary, followed similar patterns that characterized the structural classical theories.
  4. How far is it true to state that the bureaucratic state began to displace the administrative state; when the predominant function of the government changed from regulation to operation of business?

Section B

  1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 200 words each:
    1. An attack has been made on the top down character of the kind of implementation studies and an alternative bottom up approach has been developed.
    2. Commit bureaucracy is unsuitable in a Parliamentary democracy.
    3. Public Agencies have used a number of sources and procedures for measuring Performance.
    4. At one extreme, the vigour of judicial control may paralyze effective administration; at the other the result may be offensive bureaucratic tyranny exactly where the balance may be best struck is a major problem of judicial administration relationship.
  2. Whatever is purpose it is true that reform always rakes place against resistance and that failure to recognize the various sources of opposition, and to plan and to neutralize them, is a major reason for the widespread failure of reform efforts. Examine.
  3. Answer the following questions
    1. What, according to Riggs, are the three important characteristic features of the prismatic society?
    2. Budgeting and fiscal administration require the public administrator to resolve a variety of operational, managerial and strategic issues. Examine.
  4. Sketch and overview of the State of Public Policy Analysis as it is most likely to interest those who have a public administration perspective

Public Administration Optional Question Paper-2 (1996)

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 200 words each:
    1. It is not wholly correct to suggest that British rule had seriously attempted to bring about unity in Indias administration.
    2. The first Article of the Draft Constitution of India provided that India shall be a federation
    3. The Union-State financial relations, as provided in the Constitution, are biased towards Union Government in the context of borrowing.Comment.
    4. The public services in India have been Constitutional status.
  2. Tether than describing the Prime Ministers position through phrases1 it is better to examine how the office of the Prime Minister has actually evolved over time. Explain.
  3. Answer the following questions
    1. The essential purpose of Cabinet Committee is relieve the Cabinet of some burden of work. Discuss.
    2. Independence of the Public Service Commissions has been ensured under specific provisions of the Constitution. Examine.
  4. After the creation of the Planning Commission, the role of the Finance Commission has started diminishing. Review the statement.

Section B

  1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 200 words each:
    1. The Comptroller and Auditor-General is the friend, philosopher and guide of the Public Accounts Committee.
    2. The Governor of a State wears two hats, and therefore, dilemmas have arisen in practice.
    3. The institution of Nagar Panchayat as mentioned in the 74th Constitutional Amendment has to be created with utmost care.
    4. The constitutional provisions for the appointment of a special officer for the Scheduled

    Castes and Scheduled Tribes is more investigative than executive in orientation.

  2. Examine the provisions of the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments from the point of view of the autonomy of the local bodies.
  3. Answer the following questions
    1. The work of crime prevention has gone down in the priority list of police activities in recent years.
    2. The Panchayati Raj institutions at grass-roots level are ensuring greater peoples participation and involvement in development work.Comment.
  4. Rigidity in administration arid centralization has greatly incapacitated the Central Social Welfare

Board. Examine, in the light of this statement, the organization and working of the Central Social

Welfare Board.

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