The Hindu Editorial : The advent of a holistic approach to ‘one health’

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Question : Evaluate the significance of the National One Health Mission in India’s pandemic preparedness and disease management framework

National One Health Mission – A Holistic Approach to Pandemic Preparedness


  • COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the interdependence between humans, animals, and environment.
  • The Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) endorsed the setting up of the National One Health Mission in July 2022.

Mission Goals

  • Develop strategies for:
    • Integrated disease surveillance
    • Joint outbreak response
    • Coordinated research and development (R&D)
    • Seamless information sharing
  • Control routine and pandemic diseases affecting humans (e.g., COVID-19), animals (e.g., foot and mouth disease, lumpy skin disease), and wildlife (e.g., canine distemper).

Key Components

  • National Institute for One Health (Nagpur):
    • Anchor institution for coordinating activities nationally.
    • Nodal agency for international collaboration in one health.
    • Foundation stone laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 11, 2022.
  • Network of high-risk pathogen laboratories (BSL 3 & 4):
    • Improved disease outbreak response across human, animal, and environmental sectors.
    • Better resource utilization and collaboration for diseases like Nipah.
  • Augmented epidemiology and data analytics:
    • Application of AI, machine learning, and disease modelling.
    • Capacity building in epidemiology across sectors.
    • Expansion of genomic surveillance (e.g., wastewater) to animals and broader disease sets.

Global Collaboration

  • Highlighted and endorsed by G-20 members during India’s presidency.
  • Focus on building better surveillance and analytic capabilities.
  • Establishing an international network of One Health institutes.

One Health Beyond Disease

  • Addresses wider aspects like antimicrobial resistance, food safety, plant diseases, and climate change.
  • Requires engagement of various stakeholders:
    • Government agencies
    • NGOs
    • Academia
    • Private sector
    • Citizens


  • A “journey” towards a holistic approach to One Health and pandemic preparedness.
  • Contributes to achieving “One Earth, One Health” and “Health for All”.


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