30/5/2020 : The Hindu Editorials Notes 

GS-2 Mains

QUESTION: In the light of current situation explain the developments in India-Australia relations emerging as strategic partners in Indo-Pacific region.


  • The India-Australia first virtual summit.


  • To strengthen the bilateral relations between both countries a virtual summit is going to be held next week with respect to turbulent geopolitics of the region.



  • The diplomatic relations were established with India Trade Office in Sydney in 1941.
  • The end of cold war and India’s decision to launch major economic reforms in 1991 that provided first positive move towards development.
  • ‘Strategic partnership’ was upgraded including Joint Declaration on security cooperation in 2009.


  • Foreign Minister’s Framework Dialogue(FMFD) for advancing bilateral agenda, held annually in India and Australia.
    • India-Aust.-Nepal trilateral dialogue.
    • Indonesia-Aust.-India dialogue.


  • India is 5th largest trade partner of Australia with trade in goods and services.
  • India’s main exports to Australia are – refined petroleum, railways vehicles, pearls, jewellery, vegetables, gold, wool, fruits, education related services and so on.
  • A Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement provides framework for substantial new trade in energy.


  • Recently, Aust. and India conducted AUSINDEX , their largest bilateral naval exercise.
  • In 2018, Indian Air Force participated for first time in exercise Pitch Black Australia.
  • The 3rd edition of AUSTRAHIND (special forces of Army exercise) held.
  • Mutual Legislative Support Agreement will be signed during this summit would enhance defence cooperation.


  • Student exchange prog., capacity building in vocational education and distance learning in higher education.


  • Corona like pandemic control lessions we can learn and how to combat this crisis through “controlled adaption”.
  • Agricultural cooperation and trade related strategies to be collaborated.

International Cooperation:

  • Australia supports India’s candidature in UNSC.
  • Both countries are members of Commonwealth, IORA, ASEAN Regional Forum, Asian Pacific Partnership on climate and clean development.
  • Economic and Maritime dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region.


  • Trade Related: trade deficit has been increasing since 2001-02.
  • FDI fall.
  • Racist attacks on Indian students in Australia.


  • The management of cooperation related to health, food and education can be sustained trade.
  • Trade barriers to be removed by utilising current innovations through digital medium.
  • Upgradation of 2+2 talks, attempts towards balancing its relations with Australia, both can play bigger role in Indo-Pacific region.



GS-2 Mains

QUESTION:  Examine the role of Supreme Court with respect to fundamental rights of workers and show that the relationship between Higher and Lower judiciary.


  • Supreme Court order on grievances of migrant workers in different parts of the country.


  • The highest court has taken observation of the plight of millions of interstate workers looking for transport for home and relief from misery by lockdown.
  • A three judge bench has initiated suo motu(on its own motion) proceeding.
  • Proceedings were based on media reports and representations from senior advocates, observing that there have been inadequacies on part of Centre and States in dealing with Covid-19 crisis faced by daily wagers.


  • Initial exodus of workers from cities to their home states had been set off by “Fake News” that lockdown would last for month.
  • Abandonment of protecting fundamental rights of workers, especially most vulnerable from political tussel .
  • In an unfortunate limited intervention, the court merely advised the police to treat workers on roads with kindness and directed the media to highlight centre’s version of developments.


  • The top court must now find out if the centres imposed a stringent lockdown to buy time for preparing the health infrastructure.


  • One should now expect the court to take a more critical look at the govts. Lapses and emulate the Steller role that High Courts are playing in holding administrations accountable.
  • may lay down guidelines for planning, coordination and establishment of a mechanism to address the economic and humanitarian consequences of such actions in upcoming future.
  • Electronic media can play a crucial role in providing right information at right time.


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