India’s R&D Funding: Breaking Down the Numbers

India’s R&D Ambitions:

  • Technological and manufacturing advancements depend on a stronger R&D focus.
  • Recent budget announcements aim to boost research and innovation.

Funding Landscape:

  • India’s R&D spending (% of GDP) lags behind major economies (0.64% vs. China’s 2.4%).
  • However, GERD (Gross Expenditure on R&D) has increased significantly (2010-2021).

Research Output & Innovation:

  • Despite lower R&D spending, India:
    • Ranks 3rd globally in PhD graduates (40,813 annually).
    • Ranks 3rd globally in research publications (over 300,000 in 2022).
    • Holds the 6th position in patent grants.

Issues and Suggestions:

  • Private sector investment in R&D is low (36.4% vs. government’s 43.7%).
  • Collaboration between government, industry, and academia is crucial.
  • India needs:
    • Stronger private sector involvement.
    • Enhanced industry-academia collaboration for knowledge transfer and innovation.
    • Policies to incentivize private R&D investment.

Impact of Initiatives:

  • National Deep Tech Startup Policy (NDTSP) aims to encourage private sector participation.
  • Anusandhan National Research Foundation (ANRF) Act focuses on research and innovation.
    • Challenges: equitable funding, interdisciplinary collaboration, upholding global standards.


  • Recent policies signal a positive shift towards private sector-led R&D, especially in new industries.




India-Ireland Relations: Looking to the Future

Shared History (1800s-1940s):

  • British Colonization: Both fought for independence from a common enemy.
  • Shared Influences:
    • Indian Constitution inspired by Ireland’s.
    • Leaders like Nehru & de Valera had connections.
    • Cultural exchange through figures like Yeats & Tagore.

Political & Economic Ties (1947-Present):

  • Growing Trade: €363.5 million (2005) to €447.3 million (2007).
  • Indian Exports: Garments, textiles, pharmaceuticals.
  • Indian Imports: Technology, machinery.
  • Business Connections:
    • Indian companies in Ireland (pharmaceuticals, IT).
    • Ireland India Council promotes business & cultural exchange.
    • Indian diaspora contributes through investment, trade, and tourism.

The Future:

  • Ireland’s Asia-Pacific strategy emphasizes stronger ties with India.
  • Building on cultural and political connections for further cooperation.
  • Focus on increased trade, investment, and political collaboration.
  • Key: Tapping into young talent for a more enduring partnership.

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