Micro Notes : Today The Hindu Newspaper Editorials ( 8/3/2024)

Topic-1 : Challenges of TB Care for Homeless Women in India
GS-1 ( Women Section)
GS-2 ( Health)
•  International Women’s Day highlights plight of homeless women with TB in India.
Reasons for Spread:
•  Overcrowded, unsanitary living conditions.
•  Malnutrition, weak immunity.
•  HIV, alcoholism, smoking, tobacco chewing.
•  Lack of shelter delays diagnosis and treatment, increases drug resistance.
India’s TB Burden:
•  Highest TB cases globally (2022 WHO report).
•  Homeless population: 85 TB cases per 1,000 people.
•  Homeless women: 1.5 times higher TB prevalence than homeless men.
Government Programs:
•  Nikshay Poshan Yojana (NKY): Monthly cash incentive (₹500).
•  Nikshay Mitra: Food baskets (₹700) and online access to information/doctors.
Barriers for Homeless Women:
•  ID cards and bank accounts required for programs.
•  Difficulty navigating digital services.
•  Vague early TB symptoms mimic daily struggles of poverty.
•  Sputum microscopy may miss extrapulmonary TB (common in women).
•  High illiteracy rates among homeless women migrants.
•  Include homelessness and gender in TB Mukht Bharat program.
•  Legally guarantee healthcare rights under government schemes.
Topic-2 : India Fights Cervical Cancer with HPV Vaccination
GS-2 Mains (Health)
•  Interim Budget 2024-25 includes HPV vaccination for girls (9-14 yrs).
•  Aims to reduce cervical cancer, the second most common in India.
HPV Vaccination – Global Efforts:
•  WHO’s “90-70-90” targets by 2030:
o  90% of girls vaccinated by 15.
o  70% of women screened by 35-45.
o  90% of women with cancer treated.
•  Over 100 countries have HPV vaccination programs.
•  Success stories like Rwanda’s campaign reducing HPV types.
India’s Initiatives:
•  Sikkim model: Effective communication & outreach achieved 97% coverage.
•  Cervavac: India’s affordable indigenous quadrivalent HPV vaccine.
Challenges and Solutions:
•  Vaccine hesitancy and equitable access.
•  U-WIN: Electronic registry for real-time vaccination tracking.
•  Addressing cultural norms: Tailored messages through diverse channels (social media, schools).
•  Collaboration: Public & private partnerships with communities and healthcare providers.
•  India’s success with COVID-19 vaccination offers hope for scaling up HPV vaccination.

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