Ups and Downs in Supreme Court’s Journey

  • Overview
    • Supreme Court admired for resisting executive power.
    • Tainted by Emergency episode; Justice Y V Chandrachud expressed remorse.
  • Quashing NJAS
    • Modi government’s constitutional amendment challenged by SC.
    • Amendment aimed to affect judiciary’s independence.
    • SC quashed amendment in 2015, upholding Collegium system.
  • Later Decisions Evaded Conflict
    • SC refused to examine dilution in Whistleblower Protection Act (2017).
    • Validated Aadhaar Act as a money bill (2018) despite Constitution limits.
    • Modi government found bypassing Upper House convenient.
  • Famous Press Conference
    • Four senior SC judges criticized Chief Justice’s functioning in press conference (2018).
    • Successor seemed to continue trend, reflected in electoral bonds case (2019).
  • Application of ‘Judicial Evasion
    • SC avoided challenges on Article 370 abrogation, reservation for economically weaker sections, electoral bonds, etc.
    • Dismissed plea to transfer funds from PM CARES to National Disaster Relief Fund.
    • Upheld draconian Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and demonetization move.


  • SC’s decision on electoral bonds shows a retrieval of lost ground.
  • Remains to be seen if it can continue resisting executive influence in future cases.



Inflation Trends in India

Types of Inflation

  • Headline Inflation
    • Reflects change in values of all goods in inflation basket.
  • Core Inflation
    • Excludes food and fuel items, tracks change in values of remaining goods.
  • Food Inflation
    • Focuses solely on food items in the basket, shows change in values of food items.

Findings from Latest Inflation Data

  • February Inflation
    • Headline inflation at 5.09%, similar to January.
    • Diverging trends: Food inflation up, core inflation down.
  • Rising Food Inflation
    • Consumer food price index rose to 8.66%.
    • Elevated in vegetables (30.25%), pulses (18.9%), eggs (10.69%), cereals (7.6%), sugar (7.48%).
  • Easing Core Inflation
    • Core inflation down to 3.5% in February.
    • Decrease in clothing, household goods, recreation sectors.
    • Lowest level since January 2015.

Challenges to Monetary Policy Committee

  • Last Meeting
    • Maintained status quo; one member favored rate cut.
    • RBI projects growth at 7% and inflation at 4.5% in 2024-25.
    • Uncertainty remains on food inflation trajectory.


  • Clarity on production trends and monsoons could provide room for MPC to adjust policy.


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